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APA Citation Guide: Basic Formatting

How to properly cite your sources in APA 7th edition

What is APA?

Almost all sciences use APA (American Psychological Association) style because it was created to make research papers clear and concise, reduce bias, and create a standard format. It can seem like a daunting task, especially if  you’ve only used MLA before. Don’t worry, though, this guide will give you the basics for APA, as well as some other resources to help!



Formatting your paper in Microsoft word

While the format of your paper may change from professor to professor, APA has some very basic guidelines:

  • Recommended Fonts:

Times New Roman, size 12

Arial, size 11

Calibri, size 11

Georgia, size 11

Lucida Sans Unicode, size 10

  • Paper must be double spaced 
  • Paragraph spacing set to "0pt" before and after 

You can set your font and paragraph settings to be the default choice by clicking on this Expand Section icon icon in the font and paragraph sections of the home tab:

Microsoft Word Banner

 Microsoft Word Paragraph box

Microsoft Word Set as Default option

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Cover Page

  1. Click on the Center Justify button in the Paragraph ribbon.
  2. Hit Enter button 6 TIMES to move the cursor to the appropriate line of the page.
  3. Type the full title, your name, and the name of your university.



Inserting Page Number

  1. Go to the "Insert Tab" and click on Page Number
  2. Go to "Top of Page"
  3. Choose "Plain Number 3"

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