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Searching Databases Cheat Sheet: Step 3

A quick and easy guide to help make using our databases easier

Step 3

Know Your Search Fields

There are many fields to choose from, but there are only five you will typically use:

1) All Text/ Keyword

  • Searches all fields of an entry.

2) Author

3) Title

4) Subject Term/ Subject Heading

  • Searches the subject fields of an entry.
  • “My paper is about ___”. If it fits in the blank, then it is a subject term.

5) Person

  • For people who are the topic of an entry or might not be included in the author field.


Bringing it together

Steps 1-3

Put your search terms in the search boxes with the most important terms in the first box. 

“OR” terms should be in the last box unless you use "NOT terms" in which case “NOT” will go last.

Your screen should look something like this:


Vincennes University

812-888-VUVU | 800-742-9198

1002 North First Street; Vincennes, Indiana 47591

Shake Library

812-888-4165 |

1002 North First Street; Vincennes, Indiana 47591

Jasper Academic Center for Excellence

812-481-5923 |

850 College Ave; Jasper, IN 47546