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Vincennes University Digital Archives: Indiana Memory

This is a simple guide to help you explore and view our digital archives.

Accessing the Archives Directly

To go directly to the collection, you can click on Vincennes University Archives link located on the Vincennes University archives via Indiana Memory page.



You can also go to Databases A-Z and click on Indiana Memory. From there, click on Collection Lists, then click on Collections by Name on the right of the page. Vincennes University Archives will be listed near the bottom.



VU Archives Homepage

Once you get to the Vincennes University Archives page, you can see some featured items and recent additions. At the top of the page you can search the archives directly.


VU Archives Browse All

You can also view everything we have in the archives by clicking Browse All. This is a comprehensive list of everything we have in Indiana Memory. Unlike our Digital Items List, this list is not grouped by collection, which may make it harder to find what you are looking for.

Viewing an Item