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Library Policies: Library Conduct Code

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Library Conduct Code

In order to better serve library users of the VU Shake Library and to make the library a pleasant and conducive place for study, we ask that library users be aware of the following:

  • Use of Library facilities and resources compels Library users to comply with all federal, Indiana and other applicable laws; all applicable Vincennes University rules and policies found in the University Manual and/or Vincennes University Standards of Student Behavior ; and all applicable contracts and licenses.

  • Abide by Library policies on food, drink, and noise.

  • Enter staff areas only by invitation.

  • In the Library's public computer areas, viewing sexually explicit materials is prohibited.

  • Persons under the age of 16, unless enrolled in a VU class, must be accompanied by a parent, adult legal guardian or teacher when using a computer in the Library and must be seated in the same computer cluster as the adult. The parent, adult legal guardian or teacher is responsible for monitoring the minor's online activity. Persons may be required to show a valid driver's license or other identification verifying their age.

  • Footwear and shirts must be worn at all times.

  • The Library is not responsible for items left unattended.

  • Only service animals or therapy animals by invitation are permitted in the Library.

  • Abuse or misuse of Library structure, furnishings, equipment or materials is prohibited.

  • The Library is tobacco free.

  • Community users are subject to the same rules and policies that apply to Vincennes University students and employees.

  • Posting or distributing flyers and material that have not been pre-approved is prohibited.

  • Library staff have the authority to ask groups and individuals to correct disruptive behavior, and to comply with all applicable laws, rules and policies. Persons or groups will be asked to leave if they do not correct their own behavior after such warnings.

Library staff and Campus Police will enforce this Library conduct code.

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