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Library Policies: Group Study Rooms

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Group Study Room Policy

To reserve a Group Study Room, please click here.

The Vincennes University, Shake Library in the Learning Resource Center provides study rooms for the use of Vincennes University students and staff. The person who books the room must have a valid Vincennes University ID number (A#).

By using the online reservation system, the individual agrees to comply with the study room agreement (below) and the Vincennes University code of conduct.

All group study rooms will be locked.  You may still reserve online, but you must go to the Information Desk to enter the room.  To use the technology in the study rooms, please check out the appropriate accessories at the Information Desk when you check out the room.


Study Room User Agreement

  1. All individuals and groups who use the study room are responsible to follow the user agreement policy and the University code of conduct regardless if they are the person who reserved the room.
  2. Shake Library and the Learning Resource Center (LRC) staff reserves the right to deny reservations or use of the study room if the space is needed for other reasons. Staff may also remove users from the room if the users are not following social distancing protocol, disruptive, over capacity, abusing the space, misusing resources in the space, or using the space in any other way that is deemed inappropriate by staff.
  3. Users are expected to leave the room promptly.  The room may not be scheduled within two hours of the library’s closing time, and all rooms must be vacated one hour before the library's closing time.
  4. Study rooms may be scheduled for up to two hours.
  5.  Users are expected to leave the room as it was when their time slot began including but not limited to removing any litter, wiping down surfaces, and the placing of the furniture in the original set-up. The Library Information Desk has cleaning materials if needed.
  6. Dry erase markers, styluses, and HDMI adapters may be checked out at the Information Desk for use.
  7. Volume on monitors for non-enclosed spaces should be muted.
  8. Volume may be on in enclosed study rooms if the door is closed and the volume does not disturb others in the vicinity of the room.
  9. Use of streaming with the technology is prohibited unless it is for academic purposes.

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